Providing a Reference or an Approval

If you have received an email requesting that you provide a reference for an applicant or approve the project in a grant candidate's application, the link contained in the email will automatically log you in to the web site and direct you to the subject application. The email should provide specific instructions from the foundation but there are a few general rules that apply to all sites.

The login link in the email provides you with temporary access and as a temporary user you will not have access to your user name and password. The only method you can use to log in is with that link. Please retain the email until you are finished.

Your access to information contained in the application is controlled by the foundation's System Administrator. If you think that you need more information in order to make an approval determination, please contact the foundation or the applicant.

In most cases, the application is not considered complete and the applicant will not be able to submit until you have completed your section of the application. Be sure to use the  icon to save your input. If the site detects that all of the fields in your section have been filled, you will be asked whether you have completed your section and will have the option to submit your section or continue editing. When you submit your section, your temporary account will be deactivated and you will no longer have access to the application. If you need to make a correction, please contact the foundation.

If you are providing a free-form reference rather than answering a series of questions, you may find it to be more efficient to compose your response in a word processor and then paste it into the application.

Please be aware that your session will be terminated and you will be automatically logged out after a significant amount of time has passed (usually 45 minutes) without saving. If you have any unsaved changes a pop-up warning will notify you prior to the log out.