Navigation Tree


Below is a description of the entire navigation tree of the system. Depending on the type of user and user permissions, many of the options shown may not be visible.



Top Level


This level is located just below the banner and will be constant based on the user permissions.


When all options are enabled, the choices will be as follows after a user logs in:


1.Documents - Viewing and screening records using documents This can be customized with a different descriptor such as "Applications".

2.Filters - Managing filters

3.Admin - Managing fields, forms, users, user types and passwords

4.Online Help - Accessing this online help system

5.Logout - Ending a session and takes the user to the Contact Us page in case they want to leave feedback


Before a user logs in, the options will be as follows:


1.Login - Login page

2.Support - page linking to the Support contact form

3.Online Held - link to this document!  The online help document.