Working with Lists



Working with lists is an easy way to pull information from your applicants. Lists allow you to view data from your entire applicant pool or a filtered list. You can customize lists for various purposes to help organize reviewers and allow for ease of access for staff.


 Refer to Using Using Forms for detailed instructions on creating a new form.  Note - when selecting to create a list, the list may only be viewed in Basic format.


Some examples of how you might use a list are as follows: You can create lists that you only intend to export for use in a mail merge that might not be visually appealing in the system.  If you want to send essays to donors for a more personal thank you note, you can create a list that contains the essay in order to export and then create a mail merged letter allowing the donor to see what a winning scholars said about their scholarship. You might use lists daily to review the progress of your applicants.  Many use lists to confirm specific data required from the applicant. The export feature allows you to easily share specific data without allowing access to your system.