Why Choose Electronic Form Solutions?

Electronic Form Solutions offers unparalleled service and reliability. We continually upgrade and improve the system to meet our customers’ needs, and we welcome their feedback and ideas for new features. Our database-driven framework offers complete customization and flexibility, and we can cost-effectively serve both large and small organizations with our scaled subscription fees. Read on for more information about the benefits of conducting an online process and how Electronic Form Solutions can implement yours.

Cost and Efficiency

Processing paper forms, for any purpose, is cumbersome, error-prone, budget and time consuming. Moving your process online allows your staff to focus on the mission of your organization and your process rather than the condition of your copier or the mechanics of collecting, collating, tabulating, and distributing information contained on paper forms.

Participants can comfortably access the system at a time and place of their choosing, taking full advantage of new mobile devices that allow them to work anywhere they have Internet access. Their work can be saved in progress, allowing them to return at a later time and continue. Information is validated in real-time to ensure that it complies with rules you can define (e.g., minimum/maximum words required or minimum/maximum values allowed), relieving your staff of the need to do so after the fact. Visual indicators inform users when all required information has been supplied and is valid, and only then are they given the opportunity to submit their document.

Deadline times can be strictly enforced by the system, eliminating “lost in the mail” and “stuck in traffic” excuses. After a document has been submitted, the document’s creator is blocked from making any further modifications and it can move on to the next stage of your process.

Information Management and Integrity

The system is hosted in a state of the art facility with redundant power and network access and automated backups (see Support for details), and it is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 256-bit encryption protects user account information and data as it is being transmitted to and from the web server.

Every piece of information entered by your users is tracked by ID and time, ensuring complete traceability. Individual user accounts not only provide security for the site and traceability of its data, they give you the ability to configure categories of users and fully control what different types of users can see and do.

  • Easily conduct an objective, blind review process by concealing applicants’ personal information from reviewers.
  • Grant approval authority to specified users and allow them to promote documents to the next level, which then makes them available to higher authorities.
  • Conceal feedback from references, reviewers, or approval authorities from applicants.
  • Protect private information from users who should not have access to it.
  • Conceal entire documents from users who should not have access to them.



The database and the forms that collect or report data are tailored to your process and your goals and are under your control, as is the content of automated emails generated by the system. Changes can be made at any time – even when the system is in use. Seamlessly integrate your eFormSolutions site with your organization’s web site by using the same page header and footer, colors, and fonts as your existing web site.

Supplemental information can be imported from spreadsheets – including configuration information such as a list of options from which users can choose – and pictures, transcripts, or other types of files can be uploaded and attached to documents within the system. Data can also be exported to a spreadsheet for additional analysis or review or printed directly from the system.

Process Management

When you process paper forms, the documents move through the different stages of your process. Those stages may not have formal names – you may keep track of the stage a document is in by placing in a pile, bin, or file folder – but the process starts with a someone filling out and submitting a form. Your office staff may check each form for completeness and make sure that all requirements have been met. Forms that do not meet the informational requirements are set aside and those that do meet the requirements advance to the next stage. At this point you may have to pass the documents through an approval authority who ensures that each meets a different set of requirements, and again some documents can advance to the next stage and some will not. Finally, some type of review may be performed that ultimately determines which documents will proceed to the end stage.

One of the most powerful tools in your web site is the ability to define a “state machine” – think of it as defining the stages of your process – and the ability to tie actions, such as sending an email, and user permissions to particular states.

  • Send a confirmation email to the originator when a document is submitted
  • Notify an approval authority that a proposal is awaiting their approval
  • Request the participation of a reference after their contact information has been entered
  • Restrict reviewer access to only documents that have been submitted or approved


User Management

As with the other items in your site, you have full control over user accounts and the permissions granted to different types of users. You can easily configure the site to allow document creators to register and create their own accounts, and you can block individual accounts to prohibit future access if necessary. Creating accounts for your staff or for other types of participants is a simple process and you can choose to notify a user that the account is available via an automated email. A mechanism is provided to enable users to reset a forgotten password.