Electronic Form Solutions provides various support options, allowing you to choose the level that fits your technical expertise and availability. Our Online Help is always available – to you and your users – and our experienced support personnel are ready to assist you in your endeavors.

Basic Support

Basic Support is included with your subscription and it provides:

  • Email assistance in diagnosing issues with your configuration and answering questions about the many features available.
  • Hourly, daily, and monthly backup of your database(s), providing not only a means to safeguard your data from mechanical failures but a means to recover from human error. Monthly backups are retained as long as your service is active, and are maintained in separate facilities from the web server.
  • Monitoring of the web servers providing the service and recovery from any reported outage as quickly as is reasonably possible.
  • Ongoing maintenance of the system software, including correction of known defects within a reasonable period and ongoing enhancements to the usability and functionality of the software.


Setup Support

New subscribers are provided with additional support intended to jump-start site configuration and to assist you in learning how to manage your site. Setup Support provides:

  • Database and web site initialization and verification of service accessibility
  • Configuration of the web page header and footer to visually integrate with your organization’s web site
  • Creation of one basic document (set of forms) plus an example report/list form for each service
  • Initial configuration of a review/approval structure and process
  • An optional web or phone training session


Enhanced Support

Enhanced Support may be purchased annually with your subscription. Our personnel become more directly involved in the operation of your site and will perform any configuration or administrative functions you request (up to 20 staff hours per year).

  • Priority response to your requests, including access to our support line.
  • On-request changes to your database, forms, and site configuration.
  • An annual web or phone training session as a refresher or to bring new employees up to speed.


Site Administration

The highest level of support, Site Administration, turns the configuration and day-to-day operation of your site over to a designated member of our support team. Site Administration is billed by the hour.