Manage all of your grant programs with an eFoundationSolutions site and take advantage of the robust features it provides:

  • An online application that allows teachers and staff to access, modify, and submit their applications for classroom grants, professional development grants, or any other grant program your foundation offers.
  • Simultaneously support different types of grant programs that operate within different time frames.
  • Obtain electronic approval by principals and/or district personnel to assure approval of application, budget, and concept prior to awarding a grant.
  • Provide budget worksheets to assure and check compliance issues.
  • The ability to evaluate applications electronically, reducing paper and copying costs along with confidentiality and screening issues.
  • The ability to control access to applications and read/write permissions of applicants, review volunteers, and all other types of users.
  • The option to conduct a confidential and blind review processes for more objective review and analysis.
  • The ability to sort applications by designated individual fields tailored to your specific needs such as campus, grade levels, curriculum areas, technology, or other priorities.
  • The ability to set independent deadlines for various applications, and define access and review criteria.
  • The ability to produce summary reports and review analysis.
  • Administrative controls, sort options, print privileges, and criteria weighting by foundation staff.
  • Collect post-implementation metrics and analysis of project impact on students.

When you purchase the optional Bulk Email feature, you can easily notify registered teachers and administrators about new programs or changes to existing programs.

With the optional Archival Storage feature, you can retain applications from previous years – only those of award recipients, every application submitted, or any combination your choose – giving you the ability to easily produce multi-year metrics or access any application should the need arise.

Our clients have found that online access has helped to increase participation in all areas of their grant programs.

  • Applicants can not only access their applications at any time, they can submit applications at the click of a button – and only completed applications can be submitted.
  • School district personnel are more likely to be willing participants when they can fit your requests into their schedule. Curriculum subject matter experts can easily assess classroom projects proposed by grant applicants.
  • Reviewers can assess and score applications at their convenience from the comfort of their homes. No application “books,” no bad copies, and no lost score sheets – they can devote their full attention to content. Keep your volunteer reviewers coming back year after year by providing a simple, reliable system for them to work within.
  • Donors appreciate the transparency and objectivity that a structured online process provides, and the ability to track the source of all data increases their confidence that your selection process is implemented fairly and deterministically.