Conditional Forms


The applicability of a form can be established based on two different criteria:


The value of any field in the document (conditional field)

The value of any filter (conditional filter)


At this time, the conditional field just requires to have a value (any value) or in the case of a check box field, the box needs to be checked for the conditional form to be applicable.


In the case of a conditional filter, the filter's result has to be successful for the conditional form to be applicable.


For example, a form to capture Co-Applicant information would only be applicable if the Applicant had one or more Co-Applicants.


Such a conditional form can be created as follows.



Step One

Choose a field to base the applicability decision on.  In the example above, this field is called "Co-App included", a Check Box field included in the parent document "Classroom Application", as shown below.



Step Two

Create the conditional form, specifying in the Conditional Field entry the name of the field that the decision will be based on ("Co-app included" in this case).


To create a conditional form based on a filter, rather than selecting a field as in step one, a condition filter will be selected.  When the applicant is a member of the filter results, the form will be displayed.  If they are not members of the filter, the page will not display to them.