Configuring the Document


Once the user types have been configured and the users created, the forms and fields in a document have to be configured to control access to the information contained within.



Step One - Creating fields


In this section we are going to create a field that will be used to store the score of each of the reviewers. Following the directions in Adding a Field we create Curriculum Score:




Since users of type "Reviewer1" do not have permission to view information of Access Class Curriculum Scoring they will not be able to view or modify other reviewer scores.  The same is true for users of types "Reviewer2" and "Reviewer3".



Step Two - Adding the fields to the form


Once the fields have been defined, they can be added to the form "Grant Info Form", as shown below.  Selecting Multi-access field allows multiple reviewers to input their scores without having to create a new user type each time you add a reviewer.