Configuring User Permissions

The information that a user is allowed to view, modify or delete is controlled via the user type permissions associated with the user.


In this section we are going to define a reviewer user types:


Curriculum Reviewer


The reviewer will only be able to see the "Grant Info Form" of an applicant and will not have access to the applicant's personal information. In other words, they will be set up to review blind forms.


In addition, since the same "Grant Info Form" will be reviewed by each reviewer, the reviewer type will be configured to only view or modify their own score.



Step One - Create Reviewer1


Following the directions in Adding a User Type we create a user type called "Curriculum Reviewer" with the following permissions:



AddDocument - None

ModifyValue - None / Curriculum Scoring

Query Value -None / Reviewable App Info (NOT Personal info and Reviewer Scoring)

QueryFilter - None

QueryFolder - None

Screen on Fields - None

Query Admin - Allowed

View Documents - Allowed

AddContributor - None

Login - Allowed

ModifyPreference - If Owner

ModifyUser - If Owner / Applicant

QueryPreference - If Owner

QueryUser - If Owner / Applicant


Please note that a permission of "None" with a qualifier (e.g., Modify Value) only enables those permissions selected in the qualifier.


Reviewer can only modify information of Access Level Reviewer Scoring which happens to be the access level of the the scoring field, "Curriculum Score".


Reviewer can only view and modify the "Grant Info Form" and can only query and modify Applicant records and Applicant documents.



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