Configuring User Types

The User Types page displays a list of the User Types currently defined. From this page you can use the control icons to add new User Types, modify the name of a User Type, and view User Type permissions or preferences. You will notice that some User Types only display the permissions and preferences icons. Those are the built-in types that are always used by the software and cannot be renamed or deleted, although you can modify the permissions and preferences associated with these types.

Each User Type must have a name that is unique among the User Types in your database.

Adding a User Type

You can add a new User Type in one of two ways - by creating a new type using the  icon or by copying an existing type by using that type's  icon. Copying an existing type can be useful if the type has permission or preference settings that are very similar to the new type that you are creating. In both cases you will be prompted for a User Type Name. After you enter and save the name, the new type is added to the list and you are returned to the User Types page. Complete the type definition by setting the user permissions and preferences.

Modifying the User Type Name

You can rename User Types that you created at any time. Click on the type's  icon. You are directed to the Edit User Type page where you can modify the existing User Type Name or enter a new one and then save your changes.

View User Permissions

Click on the type's  icon and you are directed to the User Permissions page for that type. You can also modify the type's permissions and save your changes.

View User Preferences

Click on the type's  icon and you are directed to the User Preferences page for that type. You can also modify the preferences and save your changes.

Deleting a User Type

Click on the type's  icon to delete one of the types that you created. You will be asked to confirm the deletion and no action is taken until you click Delete User Type.

When you delete a User Type all Users of that type will also be deleted, which also means that all information entered by those users is deleted. This action cannot be undone and you should ensure that you can safely delete the User Type without losing valuable information.

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