The most basic element of information that is stored in a database.


The number and type of fields that the system stores is configurable for each database.


You can add, delete or modify fields as your needs change. For example, if you decide to collect additional information from every applicant (e.g., their mother's maiden name), you can simply go to Admin | Fields and add a field called maiden-name to the database.


For this field to become usable, the appropriate forms would have to be modified to allow the input and review of the information contained in the new field.


Every field must be configured with a data access type, which allows to control access. In addition, a field must also have a data type that determines the type of data that can be stored in it. When creating a new field, it is important to select the appropriate data type as this will facilitate the searching and filtering of results.


Example of fields are shown below.





Last Name



Class Rank