Using Access Levels

One of your most powerful tools when it comes to controlling access to information is a fields Access Level. When you define a field you assign an Access Level and when you configure user permissions you select the Access Levels that the user type can query (read) and modify (write). The combination of field definitions and user permissions determines who can read and/or write a certain piece of information. This allows you to give reviewers, for example, access to a form that includes the applicant's contact information, school, and test scores while still concealing the applicant's name and address. You could also give applicants permission to view a reference or approval form without giving them permission to read the field values, thus enabling the applicant to keep tabs on the contributor's progress (and follow up if necessary) while still ensuring the contributor that their input will remain confidential.

The following methods are used to display fields depending on the Access Level/permission combination (assuming that no other conditions or permissions are applicable):

Query and modify permissions are granted - the field is displayed in interactive mode and the user can both read and update the field's value.

Only query permission is granted - the field is displayed in read-only mode and the user can read the value but cannot modify it.

Only modify permission is granted - this configuration is only applicable to multi-access fields and should not be used otherwise. In this case the user can only read and modify the value that they entered.

No permissions are granted - the field is displayed in read-only mode but the field value is concealed. Text fields display asterisks in place of text (there is no correlation to the number of characters in the field value and the number of asterisks), radio buttons do not show a selection, check boxes are cleared, and selection fields revert to the not-selected state ("Please choose one" or "Please select all applicable" is selected depending on the type of list).

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