Using Multi-Access Fields


A multi-access field can be used when values for a particular field are going to be collected from a group of users. In other words, the field is going to be shared by multiple users. For example, a group of reviewers can provide scores or comments for a candidate's application, but it is important that they do not see each other's input.


Let's illustrate how to set this up with an example.



The form above will be used to collect scores from a number of reviewers. All reviewers will share this same form, but their input will be kept confidential from each other.


The fields Score 1, Score 2, and Score 3 above will be used to collect the scores from the various reviewers and have been defined to be of type "multi-access field". This is done when the entry is added to the form by selecting multi-access field as the entry type.



Keeping the input confidential


In order to prevent users from seeing each other's input, the access to the multi-access fields has to be correctly defined. Let's assume that the fields above are of access Reviewer Scoring.


Users with access to these multi-access fields can ONLY be given Modify privileges to access Reviewer Scoring. By not giving them Query privileges, they will not be able to see what the other users have entered in the field.










Making all input visible


If a user type (e.g., superuser) wants to view the input provided by all reviewers, Query privileges to the multi-access field must be granted. When Query privileges are granted, all data collected will be displayed, as shown in the example below.


If the mouse pointer is placed over the answer, the system will display the user name of the individual that provided the particular score.