Importing / Exporting Basic Forms

The layout of a Basic Form can also be exported, modified using an HTML editor and imported to facilitate making changes or fine-tuning the code itself.


Exporting Layout Information

To view or modify a Basic Form's HTML code click on Export current layout information in the Edit Form screen.


A new window will open up displaying the HTML code, similar to the code below. The contents of this window can then be selected and copied into a file where they can be modified using your favorite HTML editor.


<devsol type='field' field_id='ISD ID' header='ISD ID' assist='Please enter your ID number issued by the school district.' editable='Required' >

<devsol type='field' field_id='First Name' header='First Name' editable='Required' >

<devsol type='field' field_id='Last Name' header='Last Name' editable='Read Only' >

<devsol type='field' field_id='Phone Number' header='Day Phone' editable='Required' >

<devsol type='field' field_id='Email' header='Email Address' editable='Required' >

<devsol type='field' field_id='Schools' header='ISD Campus(es)' editable='Read/Write' >


<devsol type='field' field_id='Subject' header='Subject Area(s)' editable='Required' >

<devsol type='field' field_id='Grades' header='Grade Level(s)' editable='Required' >

<devsol type='field' field_id='Additional Responsibilities' header='Additional Responsibilities' editable='Read/Write' >

<devsol type='field' field_id='ISD tenure' header='How many complete years have you taught in the district?' editable='Required' >

<devsol type='field' field_id='Contributor' header='Do you contribute to the Staff Fund?' editable='Read/Write' >

<devsol type='field' field_id='Previous Grant' header='Have you ever been awarded a grant by us?' editable='Required' >

<devsol type='conditional field' field_id='Previous Grant Description' header='Please describe previous grants received.' editable='Required' condition='Yes' >



Importing Layout Information

Once the HTML code has been modified, it can be re-applied by importing the file that contains the HTML code changes. Likewise, the initial HTML code for any Basic Form can be provided by importing the file that contains the HTML code for the form.


In the  Edit Form screen, enter the name of the file that contains the HTML code in the Form Layout box to import the layout information.  As an alternative, browse to the location where the file is by clicking on the Browse button and then selecting the file with the HTML code.