Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do if I forget my password or my user name?
From the login screen, click on "If you have forgotten your password, click here." On the Reset Password Page, enter your email address, your user name, or both (both will be required if your email address is associated with more than one account) and then type the Challenge Code that appears into the Confirmation Code field. If the email address and/or user name that you entered match those on your account, a new password will be created and mailed to the email address on record. The reset email contains a link that will automatically log you in. You will have to change your password before you are allowed to access any other page.

If you are unable to provide enough information to uniquely identify the account, contact the program administrator.

Why can't I log in?
Some site administrators block applicant access after the submission deadline.

What do the icons next to my form names indicate?
The icons represent the status of each form:
 A green check mark indicates that all of the required fields in a form have been completed.

 A yellow check mark indicates that all of the required fields in a form have been completed, but some optional fields are empty. This is only a warning and will not prevent you from submitting your document.

 A red X is shown when when at least one required field in a form is empty or contains an invalid entry. Your document cannot be submitted while any of its forms are incomplete. If you hover your mouse over the X, pop-up text will list the reasons that a form is considered incomplete. Depending on the document configuration you may not be able to submit your document until the contact(s) that you provided as a reference or approval authority has completed their form. Refer to the next questions for more information.

How do I know if my teacher or any other reference has received my notification?
Three status indicators will be displayed once you have provided the name and email address of your reference.

Not Notified - the notification email has not been sent. This is not necessarily a problem since the program administrator may have configured email notifications to be sent when a document is submitted.

Failed - an attempt was made to send an email to your reference, but it was returned due to an invalid address. If your document is still in a state that permits editing you can correct the address and an email will be sent to the new address when you save the form; otherwise contact the program administrator and request that the address be changed. In the latter case the program administrator may have to manually send the email.

Notified - the email was delivered to the address provided without error.

Completed - your reference has completed the referral or approval form.

How can I know if my references successfully submitted their form?
If "Completed" is displayed in the field that contains the contact information for your reference, your reference successfully completed their form. If you can view their form, you will also see the form's status icon.

What can I do if my reference status does not display "Completed"?
If after a few days your reference status still does not show "Completed", contact the person that you provided as reference to make sure that they received an email notifying them of your scholarship application. If they didn't receive the email contact the program administrator.

What can I do if I realize that I provided the wrong email address for one of my references?
If you have already submitted your application, contact the program administrator. If you have not submitted your application yet, delete the old address and enter the correct one. If an email was sent to the previous address, it will be re-sent to the new address.

How can I select multiple fields from a drop-down menu?
Some answers allow the applicant to select multiple values from a drop-down menu. Always use the "Ctrl" key on your keyboard when you click with the mouse to select additional values. If you do not use the "Ctrl" key, all other options will be cleared. If you change your mind and want to clear selected value, use the "Ctrl" key again and click on the value that you want to clear. REMEMBER: "Ctrl" key + mouse click will select or clear one value.

Why can't I edit my application after submitting it?
Once you submit your application, your editing capabilities are removed. If you need to make any changes, contact the program administrator and request that your document be "un-submitted."

Why can't I add my attachment?
The size of an attachment has to be less than 1 Megabyte. Please make sure that the file that you are trying to attach does not exceed that size. If you have scanned a page to PDF, re-scan using gray-scale and a lower resolution.

What can I do if a list doesn't have an option for my answer?
If you feel that a value has been left out (e.g., your school name, your sport or activity, etc.) contact the program administrator so that it can be added.

What is the best way to compose long answers such as essays?
We strongly recommend that you work on your answer using a plain text editor such as Notepad. Word processors - Microsoft Word, for example - include formatting characters that may not translate well into a plain text format. When you are done making changes, simply copy and paste your text into the online application (see below).

How can I copy and paste my answers from an external source?
Most applicants will first type long answers such as essays using a text editing program on their PC. If you want to copy and paste from an external file into the online application, the easiest way is by using "Ctrl"-C for copying the selected text and "Ctrl"-V for pasting the copied text.

I've entered my scores, why is my Total Score 0?
Calculations are not performed until you save your entries. If you have saved your work and a calculation is still incorrect, contact the program administrator.

I can only see some of the columns in a table - what's wrong?
If you see columns trailing off of the right side of the browser window but you can't scroll far enough to see them, the problem may lie in the page's header. If you can see the My Preferences menu under Admin, check the View Web Headers setting and set it to No. If that doesn't fix the problem or if you can't access the My Preferences menu, contact the program administrator.

How do I ask a question about the application?
Click on the Support link at the top of the Login or Logout page and fill out the support form. Select "Application Assistance" in the Subject list to direct your question to the program administrator.

How do I report a problem with the web site?
Click on the Support link at the top of the Login or Logout page and fill out the support form. Select "Report Problem" or "Web Site Assistance" as appropriate to direct your email to Electronic Form Solutions Support. Please note that support personnel are not permitted to disclose any information about user accounts or documents, nor can they change any of the information in your document - they can only assist in the resolution of a problem with the web site (e.g., you have been directed to a page that states that an HTML or Java error has occurred or have observed a problem in the way a form is displayed in your browser). All other matters will be forwarded to the program administrator. If possible, please copy (Ctrl-c) the text of any error notification and paste (Ctrl-v) it into the message area.