Setting Up Your Web Site

This section is targeted towards System Administrators and contains in-depth explanations of configuring your database, accounts for your site users, and the forms that your users will use to collect and display information. The Document Conventions and System Icons topics explain the symbols used in this documentation and in the web site, and Before Deploying contains tips on testing your site configuration prior to opening up the site to applicants.

The books in this section are arranged in the order they are in for a reason. The earlier sections explain concepts that are built on in later sections. If you have never worked with a database or administered a web site, you may find it best to follow the table of contents.

Customizing Your Site

If your foundation already has a web site, someone put a lot of thought into what color scheme to use, what the page header should look like, and the different font styles that are used. These items are referred to collectively as the "look and feel" of a web site. You can bring the foundation web site's look and feel to your eFoundation web site. As part of your initial set-up service, Electronic Form Solutions (EFS) can customize your page header, page background, fonts, and color scheme. If your foundation's web site was designed by a professional web designer, we can work with the designer to obtain the necessary resources. If not, we can capture simple design elements directly from the foundation site.

There are several other areas of the site that you can customize:

EFS can change the text for the registration link on the login page

EFS can change "Documents" (e.g., menu option, page title) to a term that you choose

You can customize the content of all of the automated emails generated by the site

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Accessing Your Site

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