Using Email

The email feature allows you to keep users apprised of their status in your process and request the participation of persons who can approve or recommend an application. You can automate email notifications, to the applicant or any other participant, as an application transitions from one document state to another and configure other messages that are triggered as soon as a form is saved or when the value of a particular field has changed.

Other types of email messages regarding user accounts may be automatically generated by the site - when a new account is created or as part of the password recovery process, for example. You may customize the content of those messages if you choose; otherwise the default message content will be used.

There are several methods to trigger email generation:

Account Announce - used to notify a new user that their account has been created

Closing Reminder - used to remind applicants who have started but not submitted applications

Contributor Notify - used to request the participation of a contributor

Document Change - used to notify a recipient that a document has transitioned to a certain state

Manual - used to generate bulk emails (additional fee service)

Password Reset - used to convey new login credentials to a user

Value Change - used to notify a user about the modification of a certain field value

The Document Change, Contributor Notify, and Value Change messages include an option to generate the message every time the triggering condition is met, and the Contributor Notify message can generate reminder messages until either the contributor's form has been completed or the specified deadline has expired.

The topics in this section explain how to configure the various message types and how you can use field values to personalize the body of the message.

Managing Email Messages

Use the Email Page to manage the messages in your site. The page lists the messages defined and displays information about when the message is triggered and the document/form with which it is associated.

Adding a Message

Click on the  icon and you are taken to the Edit Email page. Enter a descriptive name for the message and then follow the instructions in Defining the Message Trigger and Defining the Message to complete the message.

Modifying a Message's Definition

You can view or modify a message definition by clicking on the message's  icon. The Edit Email page displays the current definition.

Deleting a Message

To delete a message, click the message's  icon and confirm the deletion.

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