Getting Started for Applicants Reviewers and other General Users

The topics in this section will guide you through setting up your user account and working within the system. Whether you are a student applying for a scholarship, a teacher or other type of education professional applying for a grant, or are participating in the approval, review, or award process, you can learn the basics of navigating through different areas of the site here.

Accounts are managed by the system administrator and every account has a set of permissions that govern what information is available to that user and what actions the user can take. If you have any questions about who will have access to information you provide or about how that information is protected, please refer to the privacy policy of the application owner or contact them directly.

If you are a system administrator, refer to  Setting Up Your Web Site for information about configuring your database, allowing others to use the site, and setting up the forms that will be used in your process.

Next steps:

Set up your account

Working with your application

Reviewing an application